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Product & Equipment Reviews:

To have your product or equipment reviewed by the Ninja Warrior UK team send us an email with the details by clicking below:

We bring you a review of some of the best footwear for Ninja Warrior including the

-OLLO Sapien

-Vivobarefoot Stealth and

-Inov-8 F-lite 235.


Click on the logos to the right to read our thoughts on three great shoes we put to the test on the Ninja Warrior UK course.


We were lucky enough to have some of the course testers from Ninj Warrior UK, Sweden, Turkey and American Ninja Warrior put these shoes to work on the course.


These guys have spent more time conquering (and falling off!) Ninja Warrior obstacles than most so worth a read!





Wandering how to increase your grip strength to make you a serious competitor on the show or just finding out where to get started?

We will be bringing you reviews of the best products out there that can help to help improve your grip strength including Ironmind Captains of Crush, Metolius and 'Rip Your Grip', all available from Valhalla Fitness. Have a look at our video on the right of some testing we did at the Arch climbing wall for some ideas of how to get that strength up.


Grip Strength

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