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Name: Raj Ahmed

Year of birth: 1978

Height: 5ft 6 (168cm)

Weight: 10st 2 (65kg)

Occupation: IT Manager & Part-time boot camp instructor

Hometown: Liverpool, England



Raj has always been involved in sport since his early school days playing rugby and weight training. He is also a keen martial artist with over 10 years experience of Muay Thai training as well as numerous other disciplines. Raj now lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has competed in a variety of running events from 10k to marathons and has also competed in a range of obstacle races including Tough Mudder, Urbanathlon and Spartan races.


Competition Record: ASEAN Open Cup 2014, 70th Overall


Training Regime: In addition to his rigorous running and boot camp sessions Raj has also began training in Parkour and Calisthenics.


Future Aims: To conquer the warped wall and shoot up the Sasuke Malaysia rankings for 2015!

To date the UK only has 3 known Ninja Warrior particpants but that is destined to change for 2015!

raj ahmed