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Organic Protein Bars from BodyMe

BodyMe produce organic, raw, vegan, TASTY protein bars!


They come in 3 great flavours: Raw Cacao Orange, Raw Chia Vanilla and a personal favourite-Raw Cacao Mint.


Each bar contains a wopping 16g of protein so they are an ideal snack before or after training.


The shape and packaging of the bars means that they travel well. Not like the soggy banana in the bottom of your bag-these bad boys have been perfect for flights, long days on set when you arent't always sure when you are getting your next nutritional meal or after a climb.


Ideal for the ethical consumer the bars contain no animal products what so ever and if thats not enough-they even give 10% of their profits to charity.


Click on either of the images to visit the BodyMe site and purchase directly.


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