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Ninja Warrior UK: Series 4 on its way

Series 1:

Timothy Shieff was the ‘Last Man Standing’ from series 1 as he timed out on stage 2.

A costly slip on the Salmon Ladder spoilt an otherwise flawless run. Other contestants that made it to stage 2 included Teige Matthews-Palmer, Toby Segar, Corbin Mackin and Jonny Urszuly.


You can see a glimpse of all the finalists from our ‘Unofficial Trailer’ video to the right. In the description on YouTube you will find social media links for all the finalists should you wish to follow them


Series 2:

Timothy Shieff and Toby Segar where returning finalists from Series 1 but both fell at different tags of the Salmon Ladder. It was newcomer Owen ‘The Stuff’ McKenzie that claimed the honour of ‘Last Man Standing’ by getting his hands to the Unstable Bridge but we are still yet to see someone make it to the Rope Climb or even to the stage 3 obstacles that precede it.


Series 3:

Was filmed in August 2016 and began airing on 31/12/16. You can now apply for series 4 here: