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Ninja Warrior! A fusion of sports such as climbing, parkour, gymnastics, calisthenics.....all thrown under the bright lights and cameras for TV audiences in the millions! 


Getting yourself motivated to train is not a problem-but staying injury free is! With so much progress to be made in a hurry learning new techniques and engaging muscles groups you didn't know were there, the problem can be the stress you are putting your body through. With an audition or show always just around the corner, you are in a rush and not giving yourself the appropriate revovery time or routine is a textbook mistake.


This is where the Armaid can come to the rescue! With sports like bouldering rocketing in popularity amongst potential contestants often training in excess of 3 times per week the danger is muscles developing at a pace tendons can't keep up with and tendonitis becoming a very real enemy and bringing your training to a halt. Inflamed tendons, tight sore muscles including aching biceps-they come as standard with anyones Ninja Warrior journey!


The Armaid is designed to strap tp your leg so you can treat yourself and also has a range of settings and attachments so you can go nice and easy or really go DEEP! Armaid also provide you with a range of massage techniques to really hit the sweet spot.


Costs from: $69.99


'What?! Thats over £50!!!!' you say. I hear you-and I havent been one for spending that sort of money easily myself in the past. Thats until I had tendonitis in my course testing days. When it stops you training just when you feel like you are making gains-its heart break! If you have ever been injured you will know. I have started to realise you only get one body and its well worth looking after it. Its cliche but prevention is far better than cure.


If you put £1 in a jar everytime you wished you could train when you can't because of an injury-I guarantee it won't take you long to save the money you need for the Armaid. Once it arrives and you start using it-it might just feel like the best moeny you have ever spent. Instant access to what feels like a professional masseuse bringing your forearms back to life-isn't that worth paying for?!


Don't think that buying one will make you invincible. You still have to have a sensible routine and pace your training but I really believe that the Armaid can get you back in action quickly-or if you are one of the smart ones maybe you will start using it before you get injured and will have the good fortune of never being out of action!    


You can explore the range of Armaid products and make a purchase here: 







Ben Silva-Jones,

Ninja Warrior Course Manager (and retired Course Tester!)







Armaid-war on tendonitis!

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