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The Sapien was developed in collaboration with traceurs on 3 continents. Their input and suggestions have been instrumental in shaping the outsole pattern design, degree of cushioning and the material mixture we use in our outsole compound.

Grip optimizing bottom texture and pattern zones. 0110 / High Grip special blend rubber provides outstanding grip. Wider toe wrap is tapered and provides a tactile leading edge. Impact absorbing midsole in topgrade EVA for the highest resilience OLLOFLEX hinged forefoot upper pattern for improved toe flex.




Ollo specialise in making Parkour shoes, and as you can see by the success that freerunners had on the show there is a lot of relevant cross over between Parkour and Ninja Warrior! Because they were built for parkour they can also take a pounding and last well.




-they are a snug fit so you may want to add half a size or a full size as Ollo recommend

-don’t forget you will need to add tax/shipping to the cost of the shoe so you don’t get a nasty surpass at check-out

-primarily bold colour schemes although a more discrete black option is available and they even have a limited edition signature from Timothy Shieff’s Storm Freerunning team mate Blue.




-you incorporate parkour into your training for Ninja Warrior or are intending to

-training outdoors on hard surfaces like concrete

-handling lots of wear and tear

-incredible grip!





$55 plus shipping which typically translates to around £50.









"The Ollo's where great for the obstacles where you really need the extra grip like the chimney climb (pictured) and the shock absorption was great for all the leg based obstacles.”

Aslan Steel (Ninja Warrior UK, Sweden and Turkey)


“I have tried so many parkour shoes and these are my favourite so far and they are perfect for the course and have got me up the warped wall time and time again.”

Erik Placko (American Ninja Warrior and Ninja Warrior Sweden and Turkey)


"The grip is the best of any shoe I have ever worn and the flexibility really helps your feet adapt to those unconventional positions the course can throw at you."

Ben Silva-Jones (Ninja Warrior UK, Sweden, Turkey and competitor at Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup).





Ollo Sapien

ollo straight on Aslan Ollo Chimney climb Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 14.03.52 Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 14.07.05 erik ollo from right

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