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The evolution of an inov-8 icon, the 235 is the next generation f-lite™. Designed to annihilate all WODs, the f-lite™ 235 is a zero drop shoe with cushioning and increased flexibility, delivered through new multi-directional Meta-Flex™ technology. An even stickier rubber outsole and extended use of Rope-Tec™ onto the shoe's upper makes this the best gripping functional fitness animal in the box.




The F-lite 235 are certainly leightweight and have a good degree of flexibility in the sole. Kacy Catanzaro took the World by storm tearing through the American Ninja Warrior course wearing a pair of Inov-8 shoes so if they are good enough for Kacy they are good enough for us right?!




-whilst the material is extremely light and comfortable these shoes are not built for outdoor training and they will damage quickly if you are to wear them training parkour on concrete or climbing outdoors.

-they come in very bold colour schemes so be ready to get noticed!





-Gym based training

-Cross-fit workouts




approx £100









"These are an extremely comfortable shoe and well rounded to take on all obstacles the course throws at you. They even feature technology specifically designed for climbing ropes so could be perfect for those that see themelsves making that big climb to the top of Mount Midoriyama!" Ben Silva-Jones


Invo-8 F-lite 235

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