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Freet Footwear

I’ve tried a fair few shoes on the course and there’s always 2 things I look for: grip and feedback. Because of this I decided to try a barefoot style of shoe and Freet ( sent me over a pair of their strides.


These are 4+1 shoes where the big toe is separate from the rest of the toes, making you feel like a monkey which is great for the course. The flexibility of the sole and the shape makes them great for wrapping your feet round obstacles like poles and dancing stones.


Their multigrip performance outsole has everything I was looking for – amazing grip on all of the different surfaces of the course from the plexi-glass spider jump to the warped wall. They’re super lightweight and the transition to barefoot style shoes has been great for me – I’m really feeling the muscles in my feet working and reactivating!


As a course tester, they also dry pretty quickly so when I do end up getting wet I can jump back on the course quick to get redemption. Oh, and best of all – they’re totally vegan!


Click on either of the images below to visit the Freet website.


FullSizeRender IMG_6115 spider

Ninja Warrior UK Series 1 Warped Wall topper come course tester Lilly Hunt gives us her thoughts on a minimalist option for the course.

chimmney wall