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lank Page

One of the beautiful aspects of Ninja Warrior is that the course constantly evolves, keeping contenders guessing about what they may be facing next and in turn meaning training must remain varied.


There are however some constants, and themes that any training regime should focus on such as grip strength.

Here we intend to share information about products or approaches that people have to developing training equipment.


Perry Oosterlee of Ninja Warrior Netherlands has done a great job replicating obstacles in a forest. Click here for a youtube tour!


Below is a link for a site that has some great tutorials for homemade equipment, we have made a set of the softball grip pull ups which are a great way to practice for the Globe Grasp.


Metolius Rock Rings are a training tool that climbers use which are excellent for improving grip strength. You can simply hang or tie them around a bar, branch or anything else and use a variety of holds for chin-ups and hangs.


More equipment to follow soon!


soft ball pull up grips rock rings