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Name: Ben Silva-Jones

Year of birth: 1981

Height: 5ft 8 (173cm)

Weight: 11st 7 (73kg)

Occupation: Firefighter

Hometown: London, England


Background: Having played basketball for a number of years, Ben has been involved in fitness and coaching from a young age and went on to graduate from Brunel University with a Sport Science and Business degree.


Having finished the London Marathon in 2012 and acquiring a taste for obstacle races he has competed in Tough Mudder races for the last 2 years.


A long term Ninja Warrior fan, the lure of the ASEAN Open cup 2014 in Malaysia was too strong and he boarded the plane to compete. A respectable debut performance saw reasonable times for the power and climb stages but slipping on the unstable bridge on the grip stage incurred costly time penalties for not completing the globe grasp and cliff hanger.


Competition Record: ASEAN Open Cup 2014, 31st overall


Training Regime: calisthenics, bouldering and recently taken up gymnastics & parkour


Future Aims: to return to Malaysia with an all conquering Team UK and to one day take on Sasuke in Japan!


Ben has since been part of the course testing team for Ninja Warrior Sweden and Ninja Warrior Turkey.

Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup competitor, Course tester for Ninja Warrior UK 1&2, Sweden and Turkey

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