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Atomik Climbing Holds

Atomik Climbing Holds provide the holds that are used for Ninja Warrior shows all over the World!

Made famous by obstacles like Cannon Ball Alley on American Ninja Warrior, they have also featured on Ninja Warrior UK for obstacles like the Jump Hang with Cones.


If you have been lucky enough to audition for the show you will also have had the pleasure of trying to traverse back and forth on a range of these holds as many times as you could in a set time-challenging for anyone!


We had a play at Ape Index in Leicester with Ninja Nigel. One thing for sure is that the Kevin Bull dismount is not easy!


These are a really great training aid. They are available in all shapes and sizes so you can find something from beginner to expert level. You can challenge yourself in a variety of ways with routes, laches, pull-up and hang challenges and they are a great way to build your grip strength!


Be aware you may have to pay some import tax but if you are serious about your training-these are a very worthwhile product to invest in.


Products featured here are available from the Atomik Website here:










Those featured in this video included:

Medium Bombs (3.5”)


Egg Bombs

Vertical Pipe Bombs (2”)

XXL Cannon Bomb

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