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About this site:

This site is a Ninja Warrior UK Community and fan site run by Ben Silva-Jones with input from a number of other people involved with Ninja Warrior.


Ben competed at the Sasuke ASEAN Cup in Malaysia in 2014 and has also been part of the course testing team for Ninja Warrior Sweden, Ninja Warrior Turkey and Ninja Warrior UK.


As well as having other behind the scenes roles in Ninja Warrior across Europe Ben has also written a column for ITV for Ninja Warrior Series 2 which you can view here:


















The aim of the site is to help shine a light on the athletes of Ninja Warrior UK and bring you all the information you need in regard to training, events and products that can support you on your own Ninja Warrior journey!



Please note this website was created in 2014 before the show came to the UK but is not the official site of the ITV show which you can find here:

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